Classy Promotional Products & Gifts

Your brand expresses not just who you are and what your company stands for, but also gives you the opportunity to connect with your clients, prospects, and event attendees through the gift of gratitude and the love language of gifts. Strengthening relationships through building consistent visibility is key. What better way to do that than through quality branded products to hand out that show you care and remind them of you everytime they touch your gift? Since 1999, we have been standing side by side corporate executives and professionals that want a virtual team member assisting them in expressing their sentiments and building their brands. We specialize in the event, coaching, and wellness industries. Click on the button below and we will help you to find just what you're looking for.

Consulting Services & Gift Marketing

We offer consulting services to get you set up and running with conference and meeting brand promotional product strategies for your next event, launch, or web store opening. We cater to the coaching, wellness and special event industries. Since 1999, A Classy Case has been catering to professionals who desire to have a virtual team assist them in creating opportunities that allow them to connect, express, send gratutude through gifting branded products and gourmet gifts. Click the button to contact us today so that you can get started with more visibility, ease, and assistance with your gift marketing needs. If you would like to book a free strategy session, click the link under "Free Marketing Strategies." 

Life & Business Success Coaching~ Unwrap Your Gift of Greatness!

Soul aligned success coaching for heart centered, ambitious women entrepreneurs and bosses with a side business, who are ready to decrease stress and take their life and business to the next level, to soul aligned success on their terms, without the sacrifice and the burnout! Get present to your power, claim your gifts and own your presence through this signature program designed to help you uncover and remove blocks holding you back from conscious cash, clients, and creating a life and business you love on your terms in a way that honors you, honors your soul, and serves others with your gifts. This is soul based, life design and business coaching focusing on mindset and aligned action taking based on what is sacred to you. For more information, click the button below! If you would like to book a free discovery call to see if we are a fit, click the link under "Free Soul Success Gifts."