About Us  

Hi there! My name is Tracy Calvert, founder of A Classy Case, llc. Welcome to my corner of the world wide web! I started A Classy Case, llc in 1999 with a vision and a mission to use my talents and experience to serve management level and above executives who were tasked with relationship marketing on greater level than ever before. As someone who was in charge of clients and relationship marketing through gifts at a large corporation whose main strategy to retain high level customers through gift marketing, I wasn't seeing what the market was calling for. With my knowledge and vision, I ventured forward to create what is known today as a company that focuses on developing and stregthening relationships through products such as branded gifts and gourmet gift for events, company branded products for their own virtual and in person stores, and consistent relationship marketing. Connect, Express, Gratitude, and Gift are our core values in everything we do.

We started out as a corporate gift company and expanded into branded gifts and customized packaging for the event industry, hospitality, and major corporations all over the US. Today, our suite of services include branded promotional gifts, promotional products, consulting, and soul centered success coaching for women entrepreneurs who are visionaries and leaders who want to continue to experience success without burnout. Coaching is a holistic approach to being a more supported and empowered CEO of her life and business, celebrating the gift that she is.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you more. Reach out anytime via our contact us page! 

From my heart to yours, 

Tracy Calvert, President and Founder of A Classy Case, LLC