Promotional Gifts

Our event was a success! Thank you for placing our logo on quality products that we were proud to hand out at our event! The gifts were a hit and our mission accomplished! Thank you for your stellar service! 

_ Terri, Vice President of Events

Gift Marketing

A Classy Case has been our go to for years when it comes to bulding client relationships through gift marketing. We consult with Tracy every year and plan out a gift distribution plan that has our clients feeling remembered and special. Our clients are the heart of our business, and with our plan in place, we set it and forget it. Thank you for all you do! Our clients love it and we do too! 

– Claudia, Senior Manager of Client Relations

Gourmet Gifts

The gifts were a hit! We are getting calls thanking you for being so throughtful. Thank you for helping us convey our sentiments and in helping us to thank our clients consistently! 

– Linda, Manager of Sales

Soul Centered Success Coaching

Working with you over the past 2 years has been transformational for me personally and professionally. You help me connect with my feelings in way that ensures I'm aligned with my true authentic self in my business & life. With an Alpha female type personality, I haven't always desired to address this side of me in my business. I've been able to experience the true value of connection and why it's so important to me & my clients. You have a unique way of helping me extract my personal power and I'm forever grateful for your gift! – Shandra Colon, Real Estate Agent & Coach